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Back in Business! has a masthead listing several "departments." Recently, not all have been in service. That changes today.

News Links: Here is a selection of stories from all over the world, all about officials: their successes, their trials, their tribulations. Updated each weekday, beginning Tuesday, 22 August.

Game Notes: This is a place for our "letters" to you. Updated as needed.

On Deck: Here is where you learn what's coming, with thumbnail sketches of each article by the author himself/herself. It's our most popular department. Updated twice weekly at least.

Instant Replay: This allows us to call attention to particularly important or entertaining articles from our archives. subscribers have access to over 5200 articles on sports officiating  written by working officials. Updated each Sunday.

Ask the Experts: If you've got a question, we have the answer. Direct your query to any of our writers, editors, technicians, staff, bosses. We supply the answer within 24 hours. Particularly interesting questions will be published, along with the answer.

Spotlights: This has been our least used department. Frankly put, we can't seem to find subscribers who want to brag about themselves. Have you received a choice assignment recently? Switched from high school to college-level games? Been given any honors?: Let us know. Let your brother/sister officials know. The success of any official serves to motivate and inspire other. Beginning on 1 September, each month we'll draw one winner from the list of names of officials who submitted information to Spolights. That official will receive his choice of any single-item product in the Shop. Let's hear from you!

Hits and Errors: Gane Notes is our letters to us. Hits and Errors is your letters to us. Unlike print magazines, we have room to publish every letter. The trouble is, you don't let us know. We encourage your comments: good or bad. Pat us on the back or kick us in the rear. We're interested. Updated as needed.

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