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The Start Officiating Kit is Here!

he Start-Officiating kit contains a 21-session audio program covering different topics important to new officials, including: (1) Selecting a Local Officiating Association, (2) Why a Mentor Can Make a Difference, (3) Purchasing Your Officiating Gear, (4) Managing Politics – The Art of Network Building, (5) Managing Employer’s Expectations, (6) How to Set Officiating Goals, and (7) Officiating as a Career. These sessions are full-length interviews with proven officials, such as Mary Struckhoff (National Federation), Joey Crawford (NBA), Dick Honig (NCAA Football), Glen Branch (NCAA Football), Bryan Kersey (NCAA Basketball), Bob Delaney (NBA), Jerry Crawford (MLB), and many others!

The Start Officiating Kit comes with a comprehensive guidebook where the official can follow-along and complete action-oriented exercises. Several associations have contacted us about using the kit to conduct training for new officials, including those with three or fewer years of experience. We also include a free promotion in each kit: either the towel or post-game bag. In addition, every person who purchases the kit will receive a complimentary, 3-month membership to!

Association leaders who call to order the kit will receive a PowerPoint presentation with extensive notes covering each of the sessions. Thus, you can easily conduct the new member training classes with this presentation. This is a unique resource for sports officials — and undoubtedly the most comprehensive. We are confident you are going to recruit more officials, and you will retain them, too!

For more information about the Start Officiating Kit, please call our FREE recorded message at 1-888-295-2877, Extension 8640. We have included a fax-on-demand option where you can learn more about the Start Officiating Kit contents. If you would like to speak to us directly, please call Jim Flores at 1-888-804-0095.

Don’t forget to ask how other associations are including the Start Officiating Kit as part of becoming a member.

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