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The More, the Merrier

e're looking for a few more good men and women who have a talent for writing and an aptitude for helping others with their officiating woes.

We're not after professional writers. Work for us, though, and we'll make you a pro.

If you've explained to some rookie: the infield fly rule, icing, off-sides, block/charge; if you've helped someone find his/her way about the diamond or the field or the court; if you've explained to a partner how to control the game or the match: If you've done that, you're the person we're looking for.

We know you have opinions. We hear them in letters; we read them on The Forum.

Why not share them with the international officiating community? And do it in a format that can't be matched by any blog or Forum.

Write for us and you gain: prestige, stature, knowledge, insight ("The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else")  plus we'll pay you a few bucks to keep you coming back for more.

Everyone starts somewhere, sometime. Our Editor-in-Chief, Carl Childress, wrote his first column for Referee in March, 1984. It was titled "Umpiring from the Stands." In it he quoted John Locke and Alexander Pope. He's since broken himself from such habits. Almost.

But he also quoted Jim McGurk, a local football official who taught Carl that when he's not working a game, he should watch it with his mouth closed.

Nearly a thousand columns and more than 30 books later, Carl still looks back on that first column with pride.

Write for us, and you could be the next Carl Childress. Or better.

But if you'd rather stay in the background, put us in touch with an official you know who can fill our needs.

As they say on the NCAA baseball diamond these days, "Hey, ya never know!"


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